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UFE Pte Ltd
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Based in Singapore since 1979, UFE Pte Ltd (having acquired Cosamold in 1992) is a Subsidiary of Sunningdale Tech Ltd which specializes in precision high cavitation molds, precision injection moulding and contract assembly. Today, UFE Pte Ltd provides full range of design and manufacturing capabilities to customers throughout the ASEAN region, Central Asia, Europe and United States.

We serve many industries ranging from Consumer Packaging, Automotive to Healthcare and specialize in the engineering fields of electronics, electrical, hydraulic and various other applications.

Our sophisticated workforce is qualified and dedicated in providing high quality work to support you from product conceptualization to product qualification. We are a certified ISO 9001/2 and TS16949 Company.

Our philosophy is to combine our strength in creativeness and technologies to achieve operational excellence that surpasses our customer抯 needs. We believe in the continuous upgrading of our resources in meeting new challenges.

Our Milestones

Founded in 1953 in North America, UFE was one of the first producers of molded nylon parts. Within the first few years of its incorporation, UFE manufactured the first molded Gear. Between 1967 and 1991, UFE actively engaged in setting up and developing its capabilities in material test lab, assembly services, CAD and CAM services, SPC, MRP system and product engineering. It soon became a leading custom supplier of precision thermoplastic components for a broad spectrum of industries.

Today, UFE provides one-stop product engineering, mold manufacturing, injections molding and Assembly Services to its customers. Our capabilities enable it to serve global customers efficiently and effectively. The following briefly describe the development of the Singapore operations:

  • 1992 UFE Pte Ltd was set up in Singapore
  • 1996 implemented MRPII systems for its manufacturing process
  • 1997 transfer of technology from US
  • 1997 acquired ISO 9002 certification for Injection Molding business unit
  • 1998 acquired ISO 9001 certification for Mold manufacturing business unit
  • 1998 certified supplier for IOMEGA
  • 1998 upgrading of toolroom machine tools.
  • 1998 upgrading of injection molding presses
  • 1999 set up CAD/CAM design capabilities
  • 1999 implemented ERP system for its business process
  • 2000 incorporated Unigraphics design software capabilities
  • 2001 acquired QS9000 certification for Injection Molding business unit.
  • 2002 continued upgrading of injection molding presses
  • 2003 continued upgrading of toolroom machines
  • 2011 UFE Pte Ltd was acquired by Sunningdale Tech Ltd

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