One Of The Most Advanced Ultra Precision Mould Making Operations

Responsive Project Management
Our distinctive total-responsibility project management system provides critically important single-point accountability. You receive clear, accurate, timely communication, delivery on schedule and maximum cost effectiveness.

A profound respect for quality
Quality planning for consistent precision is the foundation of our success

Continuous Improvement
Process capability built upon a continuous improvement culture, is the singular objective of UFE’s Team Management Operating System and training program

Mould Manufacturing
Design, manufacture and development of high performance moulds to produce consistently precise, high volume parts.


Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Complete 3D solid mould design and computer aided manufacturing
Mould Flow Analysis

Product development and mould flow analysis, DFM consultation
FMCG Caps and Closures

High cavitation fully automated moulds for FMCG products with unscrewing and in-mould closing
Outsert Moulded Components

Automated Reel to Reel moulded parts
Gears Up To AGMA 9

High precision plastic gears up to AGMA 9 standard
Precision Machining

High precision machining for mould components


In-Mould Closing Moulds

Unscrewing Moulds with In-Mould Closing

FMCG Moulds with In-Mould Closing

High Cavitation Moulds

Stack Moulds

Reel to Reel Moulds

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